Grad Concept is based out of Houston, TX and delivers customized cladding and exterior decking solutions to create warm and unique environments. Their patented clip system won the Lepine Innovation Prize in 2007 and is exclusively manufactured in France while the wood and other surface materials are from US/EU partners.The Grad® clip system is 100% recyclable and 100% made in France.

Swadoh is a design studio that celebrates creators who masterfully combine unparalleled craftsmanship with innovative material use. The latest collection showcases handcrafted lighting, art, and materials, all meticulously crafted by elite French artisans.

Rinck stands as a hallmark in the interior design sector, epitomizing the essence of French culture by uniquely merging its design studios with onsite manufacturing facilities. This blend of innovation and craftsmanship, perfected over generations, is a practice exclusive to Rinck, whether independently or in collaboration with esteemed partners like Maison Janneau, to bring illustrious projects to life.

Since 1929, Panaget, a premier French wood flooring producer, has been crafting exclusively French oak floors, available in both engineered and solid forms, and finished with either oil or lacquer. These high-end wooden floors are suitable for every room in the home, from bedrooms to bathrooms and living areas, making it effortless to coordinate your Maison Janneau windows with your hardwood floors!

Looking to unwind in comfort behind your Maison Janneau windows or on your terrace, but find it too warm near the window? CPHBA provides effective solutions like blinds and awnings to shield you from the heat, ensuring your comfort both indoors and outdoors.

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