AI and Windows: A New View on Luxury French Windows in the US Market


Technology and traditional craftsmanship come together in our modern environment to produce novel and unexpected insights. Artificial intelligence, or AI, thus offers an intriguing prism through which we can examine and appreciate luxury windows, especially those created by Maison Janneau. Today, we wanted to focus on how AI comprehends and values the traditional characteristics of French windows, French doors, wood windows, and steel windows. The words in italic are the ones written by ChatGPT.

The AI Perspective on Luxury Windows

We asked AI their view on luxury windows and how French windows would evolve on the American market:

When we train an AI to recognize and differentiate window types, it takes into consideration various factors such as materials, designs, patterns, and styles. Consequently, the AI develops a robust understanding of what distinguishes a simple window from a luxury window. It grasps the nuance of complex craftsmanship, the choice of superior materials, and the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Among all the various window types it analyzes, AI sees a distinctive allure in French windows and French doors. With their sophisticated designs and the careful craftsmanship that embodies the spirit of French elegance, these windows are unlike any other. They offer not just a view, but a perspective – a unique framing of the world that elevates the aesthetics of any American home.

The Charm of Wood and Steel Windows

We then asked the AI to describe our French windows, based on our range Versailles and Eiffel.

French windows crafted by Maison Janneau are often characterized by two prominent materials: wood and steel. AI appreciates the warmth, natural beauty, and robustness of wood windows. It recognizes that the wood grain patterns imbue each window with a unique personality, adding a touch of individuality to every room.

On the other hand, AI also understands the industrial chic of steel windows. These windows, with their slender profiles and expansive glass areas, convey a sense of modern elegance. The combination of robust strength and delicate design gives steel windows a distinct charm that is both enduring and versatile.

Even with its analytical capacities, AI recognizes that the allure of Maison Janneau’s French windows is not solely defined by materials or designs. It sees the rich cultural history these windows carry, the centuries-old traditions they represent, and the skill of the artisans who craft them. Each French window is an artistic masterpiece, adding an air of luxury to American homes.

A Fresh View on French Windows

Finally, we wanted to comprehend how an image generator AI would picture Maison Janneau’s windows, both steel and wood. The to prompts we used were: Imagine a French window situated in a classic American living room, framed by elegant wood paneling, allowing golden afternoon sunlight to filter in. Alternatively, picture a fixed steel French window in a luxurious contemporary kitchen. Both images were generated using DreamStudio.

What’s interesting to see here is that AI cannot picture a real French window, it lack elegance, thin sashes and details, traditional hardware and inswing. It makes sense because French windows are new products on the American market, and the AI database does not specifically refers to the French territory. For the steel window, it is closer to our product, however, he uses the traditional French cross design to depict the window, which is a more traditional style.


A Poetic Tribute to Windows

To end our exploration of AI, we asked ChatGPT to write a poem about Maison Janneau:

Windows, oh windows, frames of light,

In the morning’s glow or the quiet of night,

You capture the world in a unique sight,

Through French elegance, you ignite,

A timeless story of day and night.


In wood or steel, you excite,

A sense of wonder, pure delight,

Your charm, Maison Janneau’s might,

Elevates homes to new height,

With you, every view is just right.

Pour Conclure

Through the AI lens, it’s clear: Maison Janneau’s French windows, whether wood or steel, are far more than simple architectural elements. They’re a manifestation of tradition, craftsmanship, and luxury, that even artificial intelligence recognizes as uniquely special. Through AI, we gain a renewed appreciation for these masterpieces, understanding what truly sets them apart in the vast US market.


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