French Country House: Manoir Plessis-Bellevue

Maison Janneau, renowned for its craftsmanship and expertise in luxury window manufacturing, proudly undertook the renovation of Manoir Plessis-Bellevue, an 18th-century historic residence overlooking the Loire River in Saumur, France. This prestigious project involved the meticulous restoration of 29 custom-made windows, transforming the manor into a modern yet historically respectful private residence. Working closely with Atelier Métivier, Maison Janneau successfully met the challenges posed by this significant renovation.

A Historic Residence with Cultural Significance

Built from iconic tuffeau stone, characteristic of the Loire Valley, Manoir Plessis-Bellevue holds a rich heritage as the former vacation home of Dr. Emile-Léon Allix, personal physician and friend of Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo himself frequented the manor, drawn to its serene location and panoramic views of the Loire Valley. Elements such as azulejos adorning the main facade and a period wooden door gifted by the renowned author remain testament to its storied past.

Preserving History with Modern Comforts

Over the years, Manoir Plessis-Bellevue has evolved into a distinguished guest house, offering guests an authentic experience steeped in the artistry of French living and the region’s castle history. To enhance the manor’s appeal while preserving its historical integrity, the owners opted to upgrade the windows, a crucial step for both energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement.

“We aimed to modernize our residence while respecting its historical character. Upgrading the windows was essential for energy efficiency and aesthetics. Maintaining the charm of the original small panes was paramount, aligning perfectly with the manor’s rich history. Atelier Métivier recommended Maison Janneau for their bespoke craftsmanship,” shared the manor’s owners.

Custom Renovation with Maison Janneau’s Expertise

Maison Janneau collaborated closely with Atelier Métivier and the manor’s owners to select the Lafayette wood joinery series, renowned for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The Lafayette series, chosen in accordance with architectural guidelines, seamlessly integrates with the manor’s historical aesthetic. To preserve authenticity, 18th-century-style espagnolette fasteners, meticulously handcrafted by Maison Janneau using traditional techniques, were installed on select windows.

“Our craftsmen at Maison Janneau embarked on a three-month project to renovate 29 windows, ensuring each window met our exacting standards without compromising the manor’s architectural integrity,” remarked the team at Maison Janneau.


In May 2024, Maison Janneau proudly welcomed a distinguished group of architects, builders, and a journalist to Paris and Nantes. They enjoyed an exclusive journey through our regional architectural marvels, workshops, and prestigious projects. The visit’s standout was Manoir Plessis-Bellevue, where guests experienced firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and intricacies of our renovation work.

The renovation of Manoir Plessis-Bellevue stands as a testament to Maison Janneau’s dedication to preserving historical architecture while incorporating modern innovations. By upgrading the windows with the Lafayette series and incorporating traditional craftsmanship, Maison Janneau has successfully enhanced the manor’s energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and overall comfort. The project exemplifies how historical residences can be revitalized to meet contemporary standards without compromising their unique charm and heritage.

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