Luxury Windows and Doors: Enhancing Elegance with Cremone or Espagnolette

brass cremone and espagnolette


Maison Janneau is thrilled to allow you to discover the world of traditional closures like the cremone and espagnolette, adding both elegance and functionality to luxury French windows. Dive into the history and distinctive features of these mechanisms to elevate your home’s appeal.

History of Window Closing Mechanisms :

Old time Casement windows were secured with basic hinges and latches. As time progressed, artisans crafted more sophisticated mechanisms for smoother window operation.

The cremone, originating in 17th-century Europe during the Baroque period, features a rotating handle that operates vertical locking rods, securing the top and bottom of the window. It not only ensures security but also boasts intricate decorative details, embodying both form and function.

The espagnolette, named after Spain where it gained prominence during the same period, utilizes a curved iron bar sliding into an eyelet fixed to the frame. Originally used on exterior shutters, espagnolettes offer added security and historical charm.

Comparison of Advantages and Considerations:

The cremone locking mechanism offers a blend of tradition and decorative elegance, providing a robust solution for secure window closure. It is available in a range of finishes to complement diverse architectural styles and can be customized in size to suit various window dimensions. However, it employs a two-point locking system, which, while effective, may not match the multi-point locking capabilities of more contemporary closures. Additionally, crémones can be a higher investment compared to other closure options, reflecting their craftsmanship and quality.

The espagnolette locking system offers a unique historical appeal, making it a standout choice for those seeking to enhance their windows with a touch of heritage. It can be customized into artistic treasures, adding character and personality to your windows, especially suited for casement windows. However, using an espagnolette may require some adaptation in handling if you’re accustomed to a standard handle mechanism. Additionally, while offering distinct advantages, espagnolettes may involve a higher cost compared to alternative closure options, reflecting their craftsmanship and bespoke nature.


You can opt for finishes that complement your decor—brass, chrome, bronze, or wrought iron cremones each impact your budget differently. Choose what suits your style best.

Select cremone handles with decorative motifs—florals, arabesques, or geometric designs add elegance. For espagnolettes, unique shapes like lion heads or sculpted ornaments enhance window character.

Example of a custom Espagnolette from Bricard Art:

Restoration service:

Maison Janneau retrieves and restores old cremones or espagnolettes from replaced windows, reinstalling them on new Maison Janneau windows and doors. Watch the explanatory video, click here


Whether cremone or espagnolette, these traditional closures imbue timeless charm into Maison Janneau French windows. Choose based on aesthetic preferences and architectural style—opt for the classicism of cremones or the style of espagnolettes, each a nod to window history and design. Both represent an incredible opportunity to elevate your space with luxury and elegance through authentic French casement windows.


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