Window Design Trends: What to Look Out for in 2023

The interior of an apartment showcasing a wall of steel windows.


As an architect, you always look for the latest and greatest trends to incorporate into your design work. For windows, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year with many new and innovative designs. From black windows to window walls, there are a plethora of options to feed your creativity. Keep reading to see some of the top window design trends for 2023.

Black Windows Are at the Helm of Modernity

The modern look is a stunning break from the norm, with designers playing off black windows to create a polished, high-end appeal. Whether it be a townhouse in London or a high rise in New York, these sleek shades of darkness elegantly frame any city skyline, giving buildings a certain air of sophistication that other clashing forms of architecture cannot replicate. The modern connotations behind this style are only heightened by its rich black coloring, providing the exterior facade with class and timelessness that appeals to even the most distinguished tastes.

Window Walls Allow Natural Light to Illuminate The Home

Window walls are a beautiful addition to any space, allowing sunlight to stream in and illuminate the room’s interior. Its graceful style can open up a seemingly small area and make it large enough to feel airy and inviting. Moreover, allowing in an abundance of sunlight – a known mood enhancer – enriches the overall inviting nature of any well-designed space. With their modern design and classic appeal, window walls add ample character to the home or office. They are an excellent choice for making a statement without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

Designs As Unique and Stylish As the Homeowner

For homeowners looking to create a space that reflects their refined eye for design, inspiration can be found in the timeless classics of years past. From the grandeur of mid-century modern with its large windows, sleek lines, and minimalist appeal to the ornate detailing of Victorian-era decor with its stunning furniture pieces, these elements can combine to create an atmosphere of sophistication in any home. By combining these unique designs, upscale homeowners can create a truly unique look that is both stylish and elegant.

Materials That Enhance the Character of Any Home or Office

This season, windows are taking center stage in design and décor—and the materials you choose will make an impression. Look to luxe wood windows for a warm and inviting look, or switch it up with modern metal windows for a sleeker, more urban attribute. Selecting windows crafted into unexpected shapes that stand out in any space will appease clients looking for something truly unique. Include these latest trends when updating your windows for an interior design aesthetic that speaks to the homeowner’s personality.

Limitless Styling Options

For those looking to add a posh touch to their space, there are a host of styling options to enhance their windows. Each element can have its own special flair, from hardware accents such as elegant ironwork to the shape of the window and trim. Whether you opt for an eye-catching treatment that stretches from floor to ceiling or creative hardware accessories that bring it all together, the possibilities are limitless. Avoid making hasty selections, as impactful decisions require thoughtful consideration.


Functional Beauty Begets Timeless Design

When planning the decor of an elegant home or contemporary office, it is essential to keep both form and function in mind when selecting window designs. For an elevated ambiance, high-end materials such as wood and metal meshes are sure to make an impression. But designers should also consider practicality as different window arrangements can offer benefits ranging from additional ventilation to improved insulation – courtesy of a lowered U-factor – to increased privacy. By considering all aspects of the design – style, security, and energy savings – your clients will be ready to enjoy the exuberance of richly appointed windows that add the perfect touch of flair.


Pour Conclure

As you can see, many trends are emerging in the world of window design. Homeowners are looking for ways to bring in natural light, create a more modern look, and add unique style to their homes. If you’re considering opening up your space with a window wall or updating your client’s current windows, contact Maison Janneau. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect window to illuminate your project and make your dream design a reality.


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