Country House

An exterior view of a three-story French country house and the main entry.
The interior view of a living room showcasing white custom wood windows in a country house.
The interior view of a white custom wood door and window in a country house.
The interior view of a white custom wood window in a country house.

Maison Janneau proudly presents “Country House,” where our French wood windows define luxury in the US. Witness living rooms enlivened by our wood windows, where tradition meets elegance. Each window, painted white with black crémone hardware, speaks of classic French taste.

In the entry hall, our French doors welcome guests with timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship. The luxury windows of “Country House” offer a nod to French heritage with a modern twist. Our wood window selections are a cornerstone of home luxury, promising both beauty and quality.

Experience a traditional French window in every room, crafted by Maison Janneau for the discerning American market. These luxury windows, framed in rich wood, give the house its classic, inviting look. Maison Janneau: where every wood window and French door transforms a house into a heritage home.

With Maison Janneau and our steel and wood windows,
your home becomes a Maison.

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