An exterior view of a French mansion and a side door entry.
An exterior view of a three-story French country house featuring white wood windows and doors.
The interior of a French mansion showcasing the ornamental details of a custom wooden window.

Discover “Mansion,” Maison Janneau’s embodiment of luxury through French wood windows, now in the US. Our white wood windows promise a blend of tradition and luxury. Imposing yet graceful, these windows enrich the house’s exterior with a classic French touch.

Maison Janneau’s French window designs are statements of elegance, showcasing pristine white wood and shutters. Each French door is a gateway to exquisite craftsmanship, bringing a piece of France to American homes. Our luxury windows, detailed in white, offer a timeless appeal to the Mansion’s façade.

With “Mansion,” experience how Maison Janneau’s wood windows elevate traditional charm to modern luxury. These wood windows are not just fixtures but icons of a classic, sophisticated lifestyle. Maison Janneau transforms houses into landmark homes with every wood window and French door.

With Maison Janneau and our steel and wood windows,
your home becomes a Maison.

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