French Manor

French Manor
kitchen windows
French Windows
French doors
Renaissance style

Maison Janneau unveils “French Manor,” a testament to French wood windows in the US landscape. Blue-grey wood windows frame the manor’s exterior, offering a classic European allure. Inside, white wood windows brighten a traditional kitchen, reflecting our craftsmanship.

The cream living room is a canvas for luxury windows, detailed with black hardware for contrast. French doors in our manor project exude timeless French elegance, welcoming with style. Each French window harmonizes with luxury interiors, painted white inside for chic sophistication.

Maison Janneau’s French Manor showcases dual-tone wood windows, marrying functionality with luxury. Discover wood windows that celebrate French heritage with a contemporary edge. Maison Janneau makes every home a statement of refined taste with our luxury windows and French doors.

With Maison Janneau and our steel and wood windows,
your home becomes a Maison.

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