The Anatomy of a Window


Windows bring beauty, light, and character to your home, but don’t overlook the importance of the details. Understanding the anatomy of a window—the glass, glaze, frame, threshold, and more—is essential if you’re an architect or designer hoping to discover truly functional windows built with exquisite materials. From casements to fixtures to locking systems and Maison Janneau’s espagnolette & cremone bolt systems, let’s take a deeper dive into what makes up this intricate fixture in our homes.

What Makes a Window?

Windows can be integral to a home or business, offering natural light and an aesthetic touch. When learning the anatomy of a window, it’s important to understand its key components. Different parts combine to form one functional unit – from the frame, glaze, glass, casements, and threshold to features like locking systems and door handles. Knowing all the parts that go into making a window will help ensure users are armed with the best knowledge when selecting the desired piece for their space.

Glass and Glaze?

When it comes to windows, the type of glass and glaze chosen can greatly impact both aesthetic ambiance and energy efficiency. From solid, wide panes to small individual squares, different types of glass have varied purposes and can create a distinct appearance. Glazing is even more diverse: leaded styles, beveled, obscure, and flat – all with their own applications depending on the desired look or purpose. Both glass and glaze lend to a window’s beauty while ensuring its stability and strength.

Maison Janneau offers a range of glass options to suit your individual needs, allowing you to prioritize specific areas of well-being. Noise pollution can be significantly reduced, and security from burglaries can be greatly improved. Double-glazed window panes allow homeowners to take full advantage of flooding the home with natural light while preventing heat from entering the house. The UV protection feature ensures furniture, art, and heirlooms maintain their quality and color over time, while selecting privacy glass allows you to retain discretion when required. For best results, we recommend that different types of glass are chosen based on the window’s location within the house. By combining sophisticated style with practicality and reliability, we believe that our windows are some of the best on the market today.

Thresholds and Casements – Details That Make or Break A Window

When it comes to ensuring your windows last and look beautiful, it’s important to consider all the small details, from glass and glaze to thresholds and casements. Paying attention to these elements can make or break the look of your window. Thresholds complete the window aesthetic and contribute to efficient air sealing, while casements add an instant architectural element. By utilizing innovative locking systems, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your window is secure and stylish.

French inswing casement windows are truly exceptional. With two gaskets on both the main frame and the opening frame, a level of compression is created between them when the window is closed, preventing air, water, and sound from passing through. Achieving this outstanding performance is not possible with single or double-hung windows due to the loose gaskets, which allow the elements mentioned above into the home.

At Maison Janneau, we understand the importance of both form and function regarding windows. Our French-crafted designs boast impeccable craftsmanship to reach a balance between security and beauty. We know that customers want a window that is not overly bulky while still providing adequate strength and longevity. This is why we spend countless hours perfecting the profile of our window frames, tailoring the size and thickness of each piece to ensure optimal performance without sacrificing elegance.

Finishing Touches – Espagnolette and Cremone Fixtures

Ensuring your windows are secure and soundly installed is an essential finishing touch when it comes to fixtures. One of the best locking systems for effective window installations is provided by Maison Janneau’s espagnolette and cremone fixtures. These timeless pieces will bring sophistication to any room.  While these additions may only be a small detail, they provide a compelling way to ensure the security of any window. Enhancing the quality of your windows through these additional features will help you rest assured that all your fixtures have been installed with the utmost care and expertise.

Pour Conclure

Crafting a window is more involved than one would expect. With endless possibilities for glass, glaze, frame, threshold, casements, and fixtures, the process that goes into creating the perfect window is complicated and can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with all its parts.  When selecting the ideal windows for your project, knowing the details about all the components provided by Maison Janneau will give helpful insight – coming together to make a sophisticated yet practical design.  We can provide everything from traditional locking systems to high-end, customized fixtures to complete your desired look. To learn more about what makes up a quality window and how to choose pieces that match your design needs aesthetically and functionally, contact Maison Janneau; our knowledgeable staff can assist you in achieving your vision of the perfect window design.


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