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Welcome to Maison Janneau, where quality and craftsmanship reign supreme. From expertly crafted casements in beautiful steel and wood to customized shapes, sizes, styles, and openings – we provide unmatched versatility when creating a unique window for any architectural or design setting.

Steel and Wood Window Choices

Window choices, from the type of material to the finish, can be an expression of your style and individuality, as well as a statement that reflects your taste. Whether you’re looking for windows with modern appeal or doors with historical charm, Maison Janneau has options to customize our products to your exact specifications and needs. Make your project stand out with steel or wood windows and a broad range of paint colors available for both the interior and exterior. Choose fixtures that bring together all elements of natural beauty.

Achieve a Regal Ambiance

Inspired by 17th-century architecture, Maison Janneau’s stunningly crafted Versailles Range of windows and doors brings grandeur to any space. It features hardware that is nothing less than exquisite; clients can opt to include brass or cast iron espagnolette handles to personalize their windows according to their style and flair. The hardware adds allure and contributes to its historic operating system – this range’s ability to interlock like two puzzle pieces demonstrates Maison Janneau’s commitment to delivering highly precise woodwork that promises durability. Apt for sophisticated interior designs, the Versaille Range will redefine regal living for architects and designers who seek a luxurious yet stately aesthetic for any build or renovation project.

Incorporate a Contemporary Aesthetic

The Lafayette Range of windows and doors from Maison Janneau allows architects and designers to create and achieve a contemporary look and feel. From beautiful hardware to sleek shapes, this range combines traditional charm with modern style – perfectly balancing classic elegance and cutting-edge design. Additionally, all the components of this range are made from specially selected high-grade wood, providing top-notch insulation that helps improve thermal performance and reduce external noise – perfect for any contemporary design.

These windows also come equipped with a unique tilt-and-turn operating system that allows you to open them inwardly either by tilting the top or swinging it open like a door – improving ventilation, and giving you more control over your environment, in addition to being easier to clean.

Shapes, Sizes, and Opening Mechanisms

Maison Janneau windows hold an unprecedented level of sophistication for every home. With handcrafted shapes, such as breathtaking arches, captivating ovals, intriguing triangles, and resplendent circles – these various styles of steel and wooden windows are certain to capture attention from any direction. From classic molded designs to elegant flat strip panels, these graceful stylings are complimented by our “jet d’eau” style reinforcement – exclusive only to Maison Janneau – which repels water, keeping it away from the threshold of the frame. The traditional French “gueule de loup” opening mechanism is also available for customers wanting even more variation in their windows.

After selecting a style, choose the perfect size: whether it’s a small kitchen window or an expansive window wall. Whatever the design goals, you decide the look and feel you want for your project, and we’ll deliver the perfect match.

Customized Paint Options

After selecting the shape and size of a window comes the endless possibilities of customization to make it your own. At Maison Janneau, painting isn’t limited – you can select different colors for the interior and exterior window frame. Elevate any style and let your imagination take over for a contemporary, clean look inside the home, with an antique-inspired hue on the outside. Be sure to consider fixtures that blend in or add just the right amount of contrast.

Finding the Right Fixtures

Installing the right fixtures for your windows can truly infuse your home with a style all its own. From the classic appeal of brass to the strength provided by cast iron, there is an immense variety that will allow you to select accouterments that not only complement but also enhance any home or office’s current design scheme. No need to sacrifice function for fashion; our beautiful fixtures provide both beauty and dependability in equal measure.

Pour Conclure

Whether you want to add a regal touch to your project or create a modern twist for a classic style, Maison Janneau windows can help you achieve your design goals. Our versatile selection of steel and wood windows in customizable shapes, sizes, styles, and opening mechanisms, along with the option to choose unique paint colors and fixtures, will lend an air of sophistication no matter the structure. From contemporary pieces that come alive in metal sheen finishes to rustic accents that add character with textured timber surfaces – Maison Janneau windows offer a suitable solution for every style preference. Don’t wait any longer – elevate your designs with the timeless elegance of Maison Janneau windows today.


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