Unlocking the Potential of Wood Paint: Discover our Exceptional 7-Year Warranty


Say goodbye to yearly repainting rituals! Technological advancements have revolutionized the world of exterior wood painting, offering a game-changing 7-year warranty on our windows. This breakthrough innovation not only preserves the natural beauty of wood but also tackles historical challenges associated with its maintenance.

But how do we achieve such longevity?

Maison Janneau’s “Damp-Proof” Design :

Our windows boast a meticulously crafted assembly process, ensuring impeccable watertight seals. By avoiding flat surfaces prone to water accumulation and eliminating sharp edges vulnerable to paint damage, we guarantee lasting protection against the elements.

traditional assembly

Selection of Naturally Rot-Resistant Woods::

Embracing nature’s resilience, we utilize premium woods like Oak (class 3) and Red Exotic Wood (BER, class 4) renowned for their inherent weather-resistant properties. This strategic choice enhances durability and reinforces our commitment to long-lasting quality.

Advanced Wood Treatment:

Prior to painting, our wood profiles undergo rigorous treatment with anti-tanic, fungicidal, and water-repellent agents. This proactive approach fortifies natural defenses, minimizing moisture absorption and combating potential decay.

Precision Robot Finish:

A flawless finish starts with meticulous preparation. Through meticulous sanding and robotic application techniques, we ensure optimal paint adhesion and uniform coverage across every inch of your casement wood windows. Our 300μm wet coat application, equivalent to 4 to 5 traditional brush coats, guarantees unmatched durability and aesthetics.

7 year warranty

Rigorous Quality Control:

At Maison Janneau, quality is non-negotiable. Our paint application processes undergo stringent daily checks, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance.


Elevate your home’s exterior with Maison Janneau’s revolutionary wood paint technology. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and durability, backed by an industry-leading 7-year warranty. Invest in quality, invest in longevity – because your windows deserve nothing less.

Unlock the potential of your casement wood windows today.


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